Prices shown are in USD, per character.

Commissions are for personal use only, but feel free to email me if you have commercial work opportunities!


Prices displayed here do not include addition of props (eg. weapons). There will be an additional charge for more complex character designs, varying from case to case.


Chibi Style A

A clean line-art style I use mainly for merchandise designs. Recommended for transparent-friendly assets, such as VTuber character overlays, emotes etc.


Chibi Style B

A more painterly look which is closer to my natural art style, if you’re looking for a softer feel.


Chibi Couple (available in style A or B)

2+ characters are always welcome! (each character priced at $80 each).


Character bust

Price is for one (1) character.

Non-chibi commissions will all be done in Style B.


Character waist-up

Price is for one (1) character. Non-chibi commissions will all be done in Style B.


Character full-body

Price is for one (1) character. Non-chibi commissions will all be done in Style B.

To note:

Props/pets/backgrounds can be accommodated at extra cost. When making your request, feel free to be as detailed as you can be! Visual references in the form of drawings/sketches/photos are preferred.


How do I commission you?

Please send your commission requests to, or DM me on Twitter (@circus_usagi) with visual references of the character(s) you’d like to get commissioned, together with other details like posing ideas/brief character personalities or whatever you feel may be helpful to me in the drawing process :)

What are the dimensions of your commissions?

All commissions are done in A5-size width (roughly 1748 px), in 300-dpi, unless otherwise requested. Please note that bigger sizes may cost extra.

Can I get my commission as a transparent PNG?

Of course! All final commissions will be sent as PNGs with transparent background, and PNG with neutral-colored background.

How do I make payment?

Payment will be made via Paypal only, for international customers. I will send you a Paypal invoice; payment in full is required before I can start your commission.

For customers residing in Singapore, payment via Paynow is accepted. Details will be sent to you once your commission request has been accepted. Exchange rate applies; I will work out a fair rate for you in SGD, once everything is confirmed!

Do you send progress sketches?

Yes! One progress sketch will be sent to you before I move on to inks/colors. Minor adjustments may be requested at this stage. Once the final commission is completed, the client may request for another minor adjustment before I send over the high-resolution images.

How long will my commission take?

Please allow anywhere from 2-3 weeks for the drawing process.

Any important things to note?

-All commissions are for personal usage only, meaning you may not resell them, use the artwork for monetary purposes, etc.

-Please note that in my chibi style, some details may be simplified

-I usually post the finished artwork on my socials, feel free to let me know if you do not want me to, for whatever reason

-I will only accept commissions that I feel I can accomplish to the best of my current artistic ability

What if the type of commission I want is not displayed here?

Let’s talk about it! Feel free to shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter with your request and I'll see if I can accommodate.